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Sunday School Closing Day (12th November)

Sunday School Closing Day celebration will start right after the 8:00 AM Mass in the Parish Hall. All Sunday school children are encourage to join the celebration.


25th Vicariate Youth Festival of Praise– Silver Jubilee (30th Nov. – 2nd Dec.)

The 25th Vicariate Youth Festival of Praise will be held in Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (COLA), BSB, from 30th November to 2nd December, 2017. This event is open to youth/teens age 12 years & above. Registration Fee is $25.00 per person. Registration forms are available in the parish office. Please submit your form as soon as possible. Late registration will be $30.00 per person. COLA Youth Ministry are inviting all Youths to join this 25th Silver Jubilee of FOP.


Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help (18th November)

Due to the annual PPC Assembly, the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help on Saturday, 18th November is being cancelled. Please continue to recite it on your own for the intentions of this parish and our Vicariate.


Annual PPC Assembly (18th-19th November)

The Annual Parish Pastoral Council Assembly will start on Saturday, 18th November at 6:30 PM and end with a closing Mass on Sunday, 19th November at 5:30 PM. Everyone is encouraged to make the effort to participate in this assembly. Parish group leaders are particularly asked to encourage their members to attend as their participation and contributions are most valuable to the church.


Election of new PPC Office Bearers (19th November)

The term of the current PPC office bearers (chairperson, deputy and secretary) will end this coming November. All parish groups are requested to conduct their own election if the leader has hold the position for 4 consecutive years. The PPC Election Committee would like each group/ministry also to submit 2/3 people for the election and pass the names to Peter Ang (8733380 /


First Holy Communion (19th/26th November)

The First Holy Communion children will be enrolled on Sunday, 19th November at the 8:00 AM Mass and receive their First Holy Communion on Sunday, 26th November at the 8:00 AM Mass. Please keep these children in your prayer.


2017 Confirmation (19th November)

Next Sunday, our 2017 Confirmandis will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at the 5:30 PM Mass. There will be a celebration for the Confirmandis, the sponsors and their parents in the Parish Hall after the Mass.


RCIA Interview (20th November)

All 2017-2018 Catechumens are reminded of the interview with Fr. Robert on Monday, 20th November from 7:30 PM. If you still have not found a sponsor, please let Fr. Robert or your catechist know.


Infant Baptism (25th November)

The next infant baptism will be on Saturday, 25th November at 2:00 PM. Parents and the godparents are requested to attend the infant baptism class on Tuesday, 21st November at 7:30 PM in Fr. Robert’s Office area. Parents are also asked to pre-register their child in the Parish Office as soon as possible.


RCIA Rite of Acceptance (3rd December)

As usual, on the First Sunday of Advent, we will receive, through the Rite of Acceptance, candidates into the order of catechumens. In the months to come they will prepare for their initiation into the Christian faith on Easter Vigil in 2018. The Rite of Acceptance will take place during the 8:00 AM Mass.


Joint Churches Combined Carol Service (9th December)

The Joint Churches Combined Carol service will be held in St. Margaret’s Church this year on Saturday, 9th December starting at 7:30 PM. The Giving Tree at the entrance of the church gives everyone the opportunity to do something for the 4 Christian Schools in Belait district, or/and the Penan children in Limbang. Please bring your gifts to the Joint Churches Combined Carol service or bring it to the Parish Office.